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Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

Buyers can usually tell if they are going to like a home within the first 8 seconds after they pull in the drive. This is born out not only through research, but also through my own experience escorting buyers to prospective homes. Think about it, if your yard is overgrown and unkempt, it’s a high likely hood that the home itself has been similarly neglected. So, if you want to attract buyers, you need to spend some time looking critically at your yard and the extrior of your home. Will prospective buyers see a well-cared-for and maintained home? Or will they see a potential “project house” that will need a lot time and money to improve?

Below are some tips for where you should focus your attention if you are getting your home ready to go on the market.

Spruce Up Your Yard

It doesn’t take a lot of money to make your yard look great. It just takes some elbow grease and a critical eye. First, make sure your yard is mowed and trimmed, and remove any faded or tired yard decorations. You want a “clean” look, so minimize the yard art. Trim back bushes so that they down’t obscure windows or the entryway, and so that they don’t obscure sidewalks and pathways. Add some fresh mulch to flower beds, remove dead plants or bushes and weeds, and plant some colorful annuals. Treat your lawn to get rid of weeds. Trim dead branches out of trees. Consider adding some potted plants flanking your door for an added pop of color.

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Clear Pathways

Once you have trimmed any overgrown bushes that may be crowding your sidewalks, you’ll want to clear any leaves and kill any weeds that may be growing in the cracks. If your sidewalk looks dirty or discolored, consider using a powerwasher to make it look new again.

Care for your Home Exterior

Take a little stroll around your home. Look closely at your exterior. If you have a painted exterior, chipped or peeling paint may be time to consider a fresh coat of paint. Don’t be tempted to just “touch up” the flaking spots. Due to the impact of sun and weather on paint, your touch-ups will be glaringly apparent. If you have vinyl or aluminum siding, you may need a good cleaning, especially if you see a green tinge in shady areas. Don’t use a power washer on siding that can dent easily, as you may cause expensive damage. Follow the manufacturers cleaning recommendations.

Don’t just stop at the siding, though. Inspect your windows. Do the frames need a fresh coat of paint? Could the windows do with a good washing? Be careful using power washers around windows!  A garden hose sprayer is sufficient for cleaning exterior windows. Repaint faded house numbers or install new ones, and replace a beat up mail box with a shiny new one. And make sure any porch furniture is clean and in good repair.

Pop Some Color

Make your entryway look inviting. If you have the funds, you can install an updated front door, which has great ROI when you sell the house (up to 100%!). If funds are tight, a fresh coat of paint can give your entryway a pop of color and add visual interest from the street. Some colorful hanging baskets on the porch and some potted flowers by the door or flanking the porch steps can give your curb appeal some extra polish.

When it is time to sell or buy a home, having a local team you can rely on will make the process a smooth one. Call the Realtors® who love where they live and understand the local real estate market. ADMC Realty Group happily serves veterans in and around the Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia areas. From start to finish, we’re here to help with all your Real estate needs. Give us a call at (202)596-8101 or email us at [email protected].

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