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Plan the Perfect Thank You Note

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s time to give some thought to how best to say “thank you” for thoughtful gifts you receive from family, friends, or co-workers. The art of handwritten thank you notes has been on the wane, as people more frequently use electronic communication methods and eschew the “antiquated” practice of personal notes. However, if you really want to match the time and effort the gift-giver has put into selecting a personal gift for you, then you should consider putting a little more thought and effort into saying “thank you.”

If  it’s been a long time since you last sent a thank you note, the blow tips may help you.

Simple is Better

A heartfelt thank you needn’t be lengthy or complex. As a matter of fact, simple is better! A typical format includes:

  1. Introduction/greeting.
  2. Express thanks and specifically name the item/items gifted (avoid generics like “thank you for your gift” – this is not as personal). Should you receive money, it’s not necessary to specify the amount – it’s ok to focus on the givers “generosity”.
  3. Briefly explain how you’ll use the item (or what your use the money for)
  4. Close by expressing your hope that you’ll see them soon, or that they will have a good year.

Following this format, your note may only be a few sentences long, but will be much appreciated by the gift-giver.

Have a Plan Before You Start

Having a plan is essential. First, unless you record who gave you what, then you may inadvertently overlook someone. So it’s important to keep a list.

When you begin writing your thank you notes, plan out what you are going to say and practice before you actually write it in a card. Write it out on a piece of paper. which also lets you work out proper grammar and spelling ,  or reword or make adjustments first, before you waste a card. You don’t want to have to scribble out mistakes!

Be Timely

It’s a best practice to send a thank you note within a week or so of receiving the gift. However, this isn’t a hard and fast rule. Better late than never is a good motto, so if some time has passed, do be discouraged. The gift giver will be pleased with the note, even if it’s a few weeks later.

For some special events, such as weddings, a thank you note isn’t expected immediately, since you may have hundreds to write. Just sent aside some time to get started and do a few at a time so you aren’t overwhelmed. Don’t be afraid to enlist your partner in the process, either. The responsibility shouldn’t fall on one person, especially when the gift was to both of you.

Be Yourself

Try to use your own “voice” when writing your thank you note, and avoid copying someone else’s style. It’s much more authentic to use your own wording than to copy something you saw on a website. Store-bought cards should be blank on the inside – don’t try to take shortcuts with pre-printed notes.

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