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Scooters are Changing the Face of Alternative Transportation in WDC

If you live in Washington DC, you may have noticed an influx of dockless, electric scooters. Dockless means that the scooters don’t need to be returned to a station. They can be picked up, used and then left at the end of the journey. These scooters are provided by a range of companies and additional companies have asked for permits in 2019. Scooters are here to stay and are changing the way people get around.

Scooters in DC

According to this article by, scooters are mostly seen in wards 1, 2, and 6. The city has noticed that wards 7 and 8 are underserved and created new protocols to solve the issue. Companies are now required to provide at least six vehicles in each ward. Due to this regulation the city has also raised the 400-vehicle cap on the amount of scooters companies can provide. These regulations will assist in the expected future growth of this alternative mode of transportation.


Currently, there are 2,400 dockless vehicles in the city ( This number is expected to grow within the next year to 6,000. This increase is due to an influx of permit requests from 8 companies. This number could grow further if four other companies address the city’s issues with their technical operations. If the four companies solve these issues, the city is looking at the possibility of 16,800 dockless vehicles. Even community members are pleased with this growth. They are requesting 20,000 scooters to meet the demand. Community members won’t have to wait long to see results.


Alternative 2-wheeled transportation options have already influenced change in Washington DC. As of January 7th, commuters are now able to bring bikes and scooters onto the Metro’s rail system. This includes dockless scooters. This’ll likely make long journeys to the rail system much easier for commuters. However, there’ve been some challenges to scooters joining the city. It seems many people are under the impression that all rideshare vehicles are dockless, which isn’t the case. This misconception has led to a large number of bikes not being returned to a docking station as required. While this may be an issue for the bike companies, there have been positive results as well. People are still renting docked bikes without a decline in growth, which is good news because scooters are expected to grow and continue to change the face of the city.

Alternative transportation is just one-way WDC’s urban village vision is drawing in more people to the region. If it’s time to sell your property and you need some help with preparing your home, call the Realtors® who love where they live and understand the local real estate market through experience. ADMC Realty Group is pleased to serve the communities in and around the Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia areas. We’re here for you from start to finish. Give us a call at (202)596-8101 or email us at [email protected].

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