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Reduce Your Energy Bills

As we are all suffering through the swealtering heat of summer in Washington DC, many are also opening their electric bills with trepidation. The  energy costs to heat and cool homes is costs US home owners billions of dollars per year. As alternative energies mature, many are turning to solar, geothermal, and other systems to try to slow the cash bleeding out of their homes. However, these systems are still very expensive, especially when retrofitting an existing home, so it...Continue Reading >

Decisions, Decisions: Remodeling vs Moving

In these times of soaring home prices, many homeowners in the greater Washington DC area wonder whether it's better to remodel and get more life out of their existing home, or to move up to a larger home (or downsize, as the case may be). There is never really an absolute right answer to this question, as each situation is unique to the home, the family, the neighborhood, and the larger real estate market. It also largely depends on the what...Continue Reading >

Maintain the Charm While Renovating Historic DC Homes

It’s easy to fall in love with the architecture and details of Washington DC’s historic homes. If you’re already in one of these charming old homes or you’re looking for the perfect house from days gone by to call your own, make sure you consider functionality and safety as well as the value of mixing the old with the new when renovating. Safety is the first consideration with any home. In particular, older homes should be checked for updated electric, plumbing...Continue Reading >

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