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Tips for Organizing Every Room of your Washington DC Home

Have you opened up a drawer to find something you were looking for and instead discovered a terrible mess? Now’s the time to start organizing your home. After a thorough organization of your home, you’ll view each room as a new treasure. Start with the space which is the most troublesome. Is it your living room, or perhaps your home office, kitchen, or bathroom?

Living Room

One area which usually needs constant attention is the mass of cables behind your entertainment system. Use bread ties or trash bag ties to organize and label your cables. A duct tape flag attached to each cable is a great way to write down the device each is connected to; this will make any changes in the future easier to get done. To clean up the display shelves in your living room you can donate unused books, and items you no longer need, most of us have plenty of things we need to purge. Doing so will free up space for the items you want to keep.

Home Office

Whether your home office is attached to the living room or in a separate space, there are things you can do to freshen up the area. Filing cabinets, drawers, and folders can receive a quick cleaning by shredding any old, unwanted papers and documents. It’s easier to stay focused on work if you can easily find what you’re looking for. Declutter your desk of unused items and collectibles and you’ll find it even easier to get started with work. If room allows for it, add in some shelves where you can store items you need but don’t always use, in bins.


Decluttering is often the first step in cleaning up any area of your home, and one place to start is underneath your kitchen sink. Get rid of any empty cleaner bottles, old dishrags, and miscellaneous items. Then take what you want to keep and place everything inside of bins, or install a tension rod to hang paper towel and spray bottles. This method can be used underneath your bathroom sink as well. Repeat this process for all your cupboards and drawers, and you’ll have a tidy and organized kitchen before you know it. Take your cabinet and drawer clean-up a step further by installing pull-out shelves and drawer sorters, which will help you stay organized.


Throw out any expired medicines, hair products, and old travel-size personal care products from underneath your sink or in cabnets. It will make it that much easier to find what you need when guests arrive or when travel plans occur. Lastly, take a look at the number of towels you have. Are your towels worn out and mismatched? Toss them out. You’ll now have space to fold up the remaining ones and keep them together.

After you’ve cleaned up your home, it should feel like a brand-new place. For more ideas, check out this article by Houselogic, which includes additional tips on organizing your home. If it’s time to sell your property and you need some help with preparing your home, call the Realtors® who love where they live and understand the local real estate market, with superior service and expert guidance. ADMC Realty Group is pleased to serve the communities in and around the Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia areas. We’re here for you from start to finish. Give us a call at (202)596-8101 or email us at [email protected].

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