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What Every WDC Homeowner Needs to Know About Household Maintenance

Whether you’re buying your first home or have been a homeowner for years there are several important household chores to keep up on seasonally and annually to help prevent unexpected emergency repairs. Regular maintenance will not only save you in costs, it can also bring you peace of mind. Listed below are some key household chores worth remembering.

Freshen up caulking around windows and doors to keep cold air out and heat in. Doing so will help save on your utilities. If you have an older property, keep an eye on the condition of your bathtubs and showers too. If the sealing caulk is showing wear and tear, reapply a new layer to help keep water from damaging your walls.

Protect pipes and outlets from the cold and wet. This is a standard winterizing task which can help avoid leaking pipes and damaged exterior outlets. Using foam coverings around your exposed plumbing pipes and covering external faucets and ground fault circuit interpreters (GFCIs) for outside outlets should be at the top of every homeowner’s winterization list.

Regular maintenance of your sump pump or septic tank will help ensure you won’t come home to a nasty mess or severely water-damaged home; prevention is the key to these aspects of a home. Be sure to check how the power supply is functioning and watch for leaks when the weather turns bad. A quarterly check of connections and parts can also help circumvent the unexpected.

Tune up your furnace, HVAC, and yes, your fireplace or wood stove too. These should be checked at least once a year, preferably before cold or hot weather returns, so you’re ready to enjoy the comfort they provide and won’t have to worry about going with out heat or air-conditioning when you need it most.

Vents and filters throughout your house should be checked semi-annually and replaced at least once a year for the maximum effect in saving on energy bills and keeping fire hazards at a minimum. This includes checking and cleaning the dryer vent, refrigerator gaskets and condenser coils, air ducts and the filters in your furnace.

Keeping your roof and gutters clean and in good repair can save you a lot when it comes to avoiding costly repairs. While it’s bet to clear gutters after the autumn leaves are done falling, it’s also a good idea to check them after a big storm and throughout the wet season. Debris can easily get caught and back water up onto your roof or collect along your foundation. Roofs also need to be checked for damage to ensure they keep water out of your house.

These are all basic home chores every homeowner should take care of regularly. While many of them are things you can do on your own, if you have any concerns, or simply don’t want to do it yourself, hire a professional to get the jobs done. The investment is worth the effort as much as is the peace of mind.

Check out this great House Logic Infographic for more insights.


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